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The operating cycle of a business

The formula for calculating the operating cycle is the sum of days inventory outstanding (DIO) and days sales outstanding (DSO). A company with an extremely short operating cycle requires less cash to maintain its operations, operating cycle and so can still grow while selling at relatively small margins. Conversely, a business may have fat margins […]

Bookkeeping Definition, Types and Importance of Bookkeeping

They may also assist with payroll processing, budgeting, and maintaining financial records in accordance with established accounting principles and procedures. Bookkeeping involves tracking your business’s financial transactions, including both income and expenses. Businesses use these records to prepare financial statements, assess cash flow, file tax returns and gain the insight needed to make informed decisions. […]

Search for tax exempt organizations Internal Revenue Service

You may also review its determination letter posted on TEOS; a reinstated organization will have a determination letting referencing that it is being reinstated and with an effective date on or after the effective date of the revocation. This includes operations like day care centers, food banks, theater groups, colleges, low-income housing organizations and […]